Walker OMV Express, Inc. Offers:

We can help you with sales, donations, state-to-state transfers (moving from another state to Louisiana), and heirship(transfers involving a deceased owner).

Bill of Sale – If you are buying to selling a vehicle let us help you! We prepare and notarize all the required documents, transfer ownership, and instantly issue a license plate to the new owner! All without the long wait at the DMV! We will need the buyer(s), the seller(s), the original title, buyer’s proof of insurance (if they want a plate at the time of transfer), and valid government issued identification for both parties. Please give us a call if you have any questions or to inquire about absent sellers (witness affidavit) or unusual circumstances.

Act of Donation – If you are gifting (donating) a vehicle to a family member or to a friend we would love to help you! An Act of Donation must be executed before a Notary and in the presence of two witnesses (which we provide) and is done when you wish to transfer ownership of a vehicle with no monetary exchange. In most cases vehicle donation is tax free. We will need the donor(s)(current owner(s)), the donee(s)(new owner(s)),the original title, buyer’s proof of insurance (if they want a plate at the time of transfer), and valid government issued identification for both parties.

Heirship – If you have inherited a vehicle and are looking to sell it or title it to yourself, have you purchased a vehicle from the family of a deceased owner? We are happy to help. These can be some of the more difficult transfers because every situation can vary significantly, give us a call and we will ask a few questions to understand the specifics of your situation, then we will help you with how to proceed. 

Is your registration expired? Have you recently moved? Lost your registration? No worries, we can quickly renew your registration, update your address, or print you a replacement registration!

Renewal – We can renew your registration in a matter of minuets we’ll just need the state issued identification for the registered owner and proof of insurance. Price can vary depending on the type of vehicle, the type of plate you have (specialty plates are often more) and sometimes the value of your vehicle. Cars, SUVs, and Vans valued at less that $15,000 are typically around $38.00 for renewal, Motorcycles are approximately $30.00, Trucks vary depending on their GVWR (loaded weight) 6,000 pounds or less is around $58.00 while trucks 6,001 pounds to 10,000 are $130.00. Please note these prices can vary depending on the expiration date of you last renewal and many other factors, please give us a call with any specific questions.

Get a new license plate without the DMV wait! We can help you get a new license plate quickly and efficiently.
Think your hand written will is legal? It may not be! Contact us today to make sure your wishes are carried out properly.
Real Estate transactions can be tricky to get right. Contact us to get them right!
Ready to bring your business idea to life? We can help you file all of the appropriate forms and documents to get you set for success!